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I drive a 1949 Riley Roadster, which I bought in 1965. It had done 375,000 miles by 1957, and was past its use by date.

A bit of work, and it still goes well. Hey, how many cars can you say you have driven over 50 years, and still enjoy? It has now done 900,000 miles and still going strong..



As the Reluctant webmaster and editor for the Riley Gazette I work with the NSW Riley community, a grand bunch of enthusiasts. The Riley Gazette goes back, through various incarnations, to ye olde roneo'd Riley Reviews stuffed under rusted Riley wipers throughout NSW from the 1950's.

That's how I joined the serried ranks of Men With Oil Under Their Nails. These people are weird; they give up lifelong ambitions to play the electric banjo, marriages and all sense of responsibility to devote more time to an elderly car. 

Weird, huh?

I collect everything on the history of Rileys in Australia, covering sporting, humour and all types of trivia. Send me a Riley contribution!

Phil Soden


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