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John Marsden

John Marsden (Riley enthusuast, Moruya NSW) developed this checklist to keep Rileys on the road in Australian conditions.

Note this is written for RM models but is applicable to earlier cars too.

Touring checklistAustralia

Start at the front
_ Seal, Lucas/Butler emblem - top of driving Lamps
_ Rubber bungs in jacking ports
_ Rubber covers, lower suspension arm/torsion bars (2)
_ Rubber washers (4) lower radiator mounting.
_ Rack and pinion rubber bellows (2) Tie-Rod joints are adjustable, king post bushes.
_ Shock absorber mountings.
_ Brake hoses (3)
_ Front park/side lamps - wiring to lamp socket.
_ Horn mounting to chassis/suspension tower (cracks through horn brackets.)
_ Cooling system - clean out - hoses (3) Coolant concentrate 30%
_ Thermostat 160F P/n DT 14C.
_ Front engine mounting rubbers. (2) [Usually OK]
_ Engine "V' belt tension? [Dayco Top Cog - gold label P/No 22515 -- 15A131O.]
_ Spark Plugs, Leads, Dist Cap, Points, Rotor button, Ign Timing best set on a Dyno.
_ Spark plugs; std engine NGK BP 6ES. High Compression engine NGK BP 7ES or 8ES
_ Adjust valve clearances (RMB), inlet .004." Exhaust .005". Valve cover gaskets?
_ Carburettors: Float levels 7/16". Jet drop both equal -1.5mm for FZ needles.
_ Balance air flows. Carburettors - oil in dash-pots. - SAE 20 - auto trans oil is OK.
_ Carburettor linkage and ball-joint condition?
_ Fuel delivery hose, Pump to Carburettors. Washers, fuel unions to float bowls. (4)
_ Clean fuel pump filter.
_ Choke cable adjustment and operation - full and partial operation at dash panel.
_ Manual throttle operation.
_ Inlet manifold - coolant flow and gaskets.
_ Clean Air Filter / Silencer.
_ Exhaust manifold to cylinder head - flange to pipe - flexible section - joints - muffler - pipes.
_ Battery mounting and retention?
_ Oil Pan, retaining bolts. .
_ Wiring harness condition - engine bay. Positive & Negative cables
_ Battery condition?
_ Head, park and driving lamps - Traffic indicators.
_ Engine bonnet latching, x 4. Ensure bonnet centre panel seals at top body join.
_ Steering: Toe In - Zero. Boot condition on rack and pinion. Front wheel bearings?
_ Brake / shoe & lining condition - adjustment - Clutch adjustment?
_ Handbrake should hold from 3 clicks out.
_ Change Engine Oil and Filter. [Penrite oil works well]
_ Gear Box Mountings and earth strap. Diff & Gearbox oil- Penrite Mild EP


Under the car
_ Gear stick / gearbox extension brass cups
_ slots for gear stick locating dowels?
_ Trunnion - Torque tube mounting rubber 'O' rings? - Retaining bolts (l each side)
_ Universal Joints x 2 intermediate drive shaft.
_ Front bearing Torque Tube - condition?
_ Stop Lamp switch - (on brake pull rod) operation?
_ Speedo cable - condition - cable seal into gearbox?
_ Chassis to body mounting pads and bolts - condition?
_ Brake rods / pins. Linings all -- adjustment.
_ Rear axle bearings - oil leaks?
_ Rear spring shackles - bushes, saddle webbing to banjo housing
_ Banjo Housing breather hole - clear?
_ Shock absorber mountings?
_ Fuel hose tank to pipe / fuel tank mountings (3)
_ Fuel filter @ drain bung in fuel tank.
_ Rear jacking port rubbers.
_ Road tyres condition - pressures.

_ Door alignment and strikers - body mounting - adjust? [SAFETY]
_ Door seal condition.
_ Body Sealing - dust / water?
_ Windscreen wiper shaft seals?
_ Instrument Panel, operation of gauges / switches. [proof of gauge accuracy]
_ Rubber seals; accelerator, brake, clutch -pedals. Rubber seal steering column.
_ Interior courtesy lamp operation? Operate when park lamps are on.
_ Seat tracks - latching? -- SAFETY.
_ All Door Glass - closing to frames and seals.

Road test
_ First check and adjust: Engine oil, Radiator coolant level. All door strikers, Rear View Mirrors, Traffic lamp indicators.
_ Engine start - cold / hot? - Idle speed? Engine shut-down? [The 2½ tends to run on, use clutch/gears as a drag on the engine.]
_ Exhaust system - quiet and efficient - not limiting engine power? [see shop manual]
_ Brake operation / hand brake? [ Split system, hydraulic front, mechanical rear]
_ Engine - smooth power - accelerating - decelerating?
_ Engine oil pressure; 40psi minimum @ 40mph - 12 psi minimum at idle.
_ Engine coolant temperature?
_ Dynamo charge - amps. [switch h/lamps on / off observe ammeter.]
_ Fuel gauge operation?
_ Gearshift / clutch operation.
_ Steering - straight and true? [Zero Toe-In.]
_ Speedo/odometer/trip meter / day clock?
_ Road handling - springs/shock absorbers.
_ Windscreen wiper operation? - blade condition?

Australian conditions

Engine Oil Cooler 'Serck' P/n ARO9888. Oil Temperature Thermostat. P/n BM70259 available from 'Rocket Industries' Huntingwood Drive, Huntingwood 2148. Tel: (02) 8825 1900.

Spin on oil filter conversions are available from Riley Club Spares if required. (Original type of filter element works well if correctly fitted - top washer seal & lower sealing washer and spring.)

SU (Skinner Union) Carburettors: R&R mixture needles with P/n FZ needles ( from Midel)

Cooling system, electric fan and water pump with temperature adjustable controller (Davies Craig - REPCO) and 5 minute Timer, for automatic operation and switch for manual operation. [Remove belt driven fan.] Fit overflow catch tank & 2 way radiator cap.