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Australian Riley supporters

The Riley Club members have changed. The original members were those who had bought their cars new, and banded together for mutual enjoyment of these expensive and rare sporting vehicles. Eventually these owners traded their cars for newer models, often Jaguars or other modern versions of the Riley design theme. The now second-hand, or worse, Rileys fell rapidly in value, so that by 1965 a good Riley RMB (2/12 Litre sedan) could be purchased for $300, and an open version (Roadster or Drophead) for $500. Poorer versions cost far less; it was possible to buy a registered RMA or RMB for $100.

Under these circumstances the marque attracted a whole new band of followers. They were enthusiasts certainly, but generally lacked the funds or expertise to ensure that these relatively complicated vehicles received the treatment needed to keep them reliable or roadworthy. Consequently, numbers fell dramatically, and a lack of organised support meant that problems such as broken rear axles or road wheels led to the loss of many of the cars.

Today we have over 700 members in our Australian Clubs, many with multiple cars.

The Wikipedia entry for Riley history is here.

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